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My autobiography

My name is Leidy Ttatiana Barrero Escobar

My place of birth

I live in Esperanza block #25 house #39

My mom is called Aceneth Escobar Buitrago

My dad is called Ramon Barrero Garcia

we are three brother and I am her smaller

My favorite food is pork chop

my personality

My mascot

him I have fear of scorpions

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My favorite team is america de cali

I want to study engineering in food

in sena.

I like play soccer.

this is my family

these are my friends

I went to los naranjos

output to Ibague

I admire to Juan Guillermo Cuadrado

I want to travel to Manizales

my trip to cali

my write

my pelicula

trip topiscilagos

my school

my art


in salitre

my city

Mother's Day

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